Chicago Aftershock returns choosing DYE Paintball!

In a historic comeback, the legendary professional paintball team, Chicago Aftershock, is set to re-enter the pro ranks. Known for their rich history of dominance, the team has clinched numerous victories, solidifying their status as icons in the sport's history.

Under the new ownership of paintball legend, Todd Adamson, Chicago Aftershock aims to revive its legacy with a fresh perspective and strategic vision. Adamson's commitment to excellence aligns seamlessly with the team's historic pursuit of victory. Chicago Aftershock has consistently stood as a towering figure in the tournament scene of paintball, renowned for their influential impact and legacy. Their return marks a momentous occasion, adding a layer of excitement and anticipation among the paintball community worldwide.

Chicago Aftershock has chosen DYE as its official partner for playing gear, markers, goggles, loaders, playing gear and more. Chris Williamson, DYE’s General Manager, expressed his honor in partnering with Aftershock, stating, "We are honored that Todd, and the entire Aftershock organization chose DYE for playing gear, markers, goggles, loaders, and more! Being able to honor the traditions of old and create new ones is exciting. Chicago Aftershock is a name synonymous with winning and success. Everyone here at DYE looks forward to continuing that legacy with award-winning gear and factory-level support."

The collaboration between Chicago Aftershock and DYE represents a powerful union between two pillars of paintball history. Fans and the paintball community can anticipate an exciting return to the field as this partnership sets the stage for a new era of success for Chicago Aftershock.

Follow Chicago Aftershock's journey and stay updated on their latest news, events, and matches by following the team on Instagram and Facebook. Buckle up and get ready to witness the resurgence of a legendary team, powered by the unparalleled quality of DYE Paintball gear.

WATCH TODD ADAMSON INTERVIEW: www.youtube.com/watch?v=uKVWjzIv2XE&t=39s

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