DYE is looking for teams to represent our brand during the 2020 paintball season. For the first time ever, you and your team can now choose to shoot the most technologically advanced gun on the planet with your own signature team styling through DYE's PGA anodizing process.


"We are at a point in paintball where historical teams, giants of our sport, are beginning to slip away into history, and players change jerseys seemingly as often as their socks. But no matter how short a player’s time with a team is, there is a bond forged from the battles waged with his teammates on the field.

As my paintball memories age, no matter what point of my career I reflect on, whether it was learning from my mentors, or now passing knowledge onto the next generation, it is the friendships through the bonds of the team that make it all so special. The collective passion to compete and the emotional highs and lows shared as a team cannot be duplicated, and should never be forgotten. 

Every team I played for, and every teammate I competed with helped shape me as a player and a person. I look back and regret not having a reminder of every meaningful step I took along the way. I look at the jerseys I collected over the years, falling apart, fading away. Although the team logo on the front is important, the name on the back and that person’s individual achievements are the memories attached to each jersey, not the family that was forged by the team.  

I wanted to offer teams and players something of substance and value to compete with that would also be a lasting reminder of their time together, a keepsake as unique and unifying as the team itself. Regardless of what level you compete at, everyone has earned the right to take pride in their history. I realized there is nothing more lasting and intimate that connects you to a moment in paintball than the marker you chose to step onto the field-of-battle with, side by side with your brothers. The weapon you trust to shoulder is a tribute to the family you are loyal to, the common goal you sacrificed for. Cloth fades, paper turns to dust, lasting history is forged with metal. 

I wanted to create a program that gave all players a chance to compete with the strength of their chosen family behind every trigger pull. The simple notion of the unique bond between teammates and recording one’s journey is why DYE is introducing M3+ team edition guns, custom designed for your team, and built to order only for you and your family. Available to any band of brothers, regardless of level or point in their journey. This is an opportunity to acquire a lasting memento that embodies the substance of your time together because preserving one’s history should not be exclusive to the elite."  


Billy Wing / DYE Paintball Product Development Manager


Please fill out the contact form below and you will be contacted by a DYE representative as soon as possible. For stores and fields, please contact your sales representative.
Team deals can include M3+, i5, R2 packages, as well as full head-to-toe DYE packages.  


 A mix of M3+ Signature Team Edition guns from some of our current factory teams.