DYE Precision, the industry leader in paintball innovation for over twenty years and a consistent supporter of teams at all levels of competition, has signed divisional team Bay Area Bad Company for a multi-year sponsorship deal. Bad Company will now be stepping onto the field fully suited up with the all-new DYE DSR marker, constant feed R2 loader, groundbreaking i5 goggle system, and more.

Bad Company is a 3-year-old team assembled by a combination of new and seasoned tournament players eager to take the 2018 season by storm. Bad Company plans to have a packed year of competing in the leagues of WCPPL, UPL, and NXL.

Here’s what Team Manager Mike Marseille had to say about their new partnership with DYE:

"We have been using DYE products as individual players for years, but to come together and receive the factory level support from DYE is something the entire team is beyond excited about. The performance of the DSR alone gives us that extra boost of confidence going into the 2018 season. We are honored to be a part of the DYE family."

DYE's digital marketing manager, Karl Poynter, had this to say about bringing Bay Area Bad Company on board as a DYE sponsored team:

"At DYE we are determined to empower amateur teams and provide them with the necessary tools to help progress their game. We believe with the support of our highly-dependable and proven products combined with Bay Area Bad Company's passion for the sport of paintball, they're well set for a successful 2018 season and beyond. All of us here at DYE are more than happy to have Bad Company now a part of the crew!"

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